Activist organizing tools

The country is on fire with activist groups resisting the emerging threats to American democracy. It's inspiring and exciting, but some activists tell us it's also challenging to manage all those people and actions! is a team of veteran activist/coders who are making open-source tools to solve current grassroots organizing problems. We envision a more connected, efficient and flexible organizing world, where responsive, intersectional coalitions can more easily form and collaborate.

Solving current problems for grassroots organizers

There is no simple technological solution to social problems, but social movements can use technology to manage their day-to-day work and magnify their impact – especially when that tech is responsive to the actual needs of actual organizers.

We come to this project with decades of organizing experience from digital to grassroots. We also know that the new social movements need tools which reflect the reality of how they work and help them be more effective. Affinity uses design thinking and lean techniques in partnership with organizers to identify and solve concrete problems.


A profile with your actions, groups, and groups you support, to build your reputation.


Tools for building your group (if you need them) or a push-button way for you to share data and resources with other groups you trust.

Support and organize long-lasting teams of volunteer activists.


Join together with groups and activists around an issue or an event, flexibly and easily.

Do more than just raise money and send email blasts.

Power Tools

SaaS tools as paid upgrades (voter files for electoral work, data connectors, premium messaging tools) to power your group or campaign (and make our platform sustainable).

We're developing Affinity in the open, and we want to collaborate with and learn from people like you. Take a look at our progress and meet us on Slack.